Riva 1920

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Dadone is the stool designed by Andrea Castrignano for Riva1920.

Sharing the same passion for wood and the same commitment to design and to Italian craftsmanship, Andrea Castrignano – the Milanese interior designer – and RIVA 1920 have created a strong synergy which has been responsible for the development of many collaborative projects. Guarantor and promoter of the Made in Italy brand throughout the world, RIVA 1920 is a partner in the 2014 “Cambio Casa, Cambio Vita!” series, a format devised and organised by Andrea Castrignano and broadcast from the end of April on the LA5 television channel.  This is a broadcast within which Andrea Castrignano proposes ad hoc ideas for the way he thinks various homes should be furnished.This bond of mutual respect and trust has given rise to the DADONE stool, a most original reference to the designer’s passion for dice and table games. Made entirely of solid cedarwood.

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