Light Forest OD2 Wall Lamp

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Light Forest OD2 Wall Lamp


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Light Forest is &traditions first collaboration with Dutch studio Ontwerpduo.

It is a highly adaptable wall and ceiling lamp system that can be configured in multiple ways, and which can vary in expression from organic and whimsical, to geometric and austere. We are very pleased to collaborate with Ontwerpduo on Light Forest, says &tradition Founder and Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. This lighting system is both extraordinarily functional and versatile, but also very poetic at the same time. The inspiration for Light Forest lies in organic forms. We thought about climbing plants entering your room in one spot, slowly growing across the ceilings and walls, and blossoming into flowers of light, says Tineke Beunders, designer and co-owner of Ontwerpduo with Nathan Wierink. Light Forest crawls along walls, bends over beams, and folds around corners, bringing light into spaces that other lighting solutions could never reach. Electric points never seem to be where you want them, says Beunders. With Light Forest you can have the light points exactly where you want them to be. Light Forest comes in two versions: a ceiling option which can be assembled in four different combinations, and a wall version that can be assembled in two combinations. Its branches are made from extruded aluminium tubes strong and light and the lampshades or flowers are spun from copper, which lends a warm glow to the light source. The entire system is coated with a forest green matte lacquer, giving it an aesthetic that can be both industrial and organic, both austere and whimsical, depending on its configuration. It is poetic and functional at the same time, says Beunders. And because it is so flexible, it can be small and geometric or large and chaotic. It is Light Forests versatility both aesthetic and functional that makes it so broadly adaptable. We can see it in any kind of space, says Beunders. In small spaces with a high ceiling, but also in spaces with low ceilings, in business spaces, living rooms, or even kitchens. Light Forest solves the functional problem of light distribution with its flexible, grid like branches, and in doing so becomes an entirely new and enchanting object. Whether one prefers abundant foliage or a sparse geometric system, Light Forest can be adjusted to suit most customers needs.

Bulb: 3 x E27 Max 40 Watt. Not included.

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