Riva 1920

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One Love

One Love is the stool designed by Gianni Veneziano e Luciana Di Virgilio for Riva1920.

There was a piece of wood that, thanks to the able hands of a creative team, has become heart. A solid and strong heart, but able of beating for passion. The stool "One Love", in cedarwood, is the fruit of a love story born around a drawing board. A work for four hands signed by Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio, in art studio Veneziano + Team, couple both in life and in work. Symbolic and ancestral form has already characterized the previous projects in the production, between art and design, Gianni Veneziano, who has so made the subject of experimentation over the years. Reworked this year for Riva 1920 in modern form, becomes minimal and contemporary, despite its familiar and known silhouette.

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