Passpartout Ceiling and Wall Lamp


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Passpartout SH10-11-12 are the ceiling and wall lamps designed by Jaime Hayon for &tradition.

Whether you need lighting for a large, expansive space or a narrow corridor, for a cosy home environment or a welcoming workspace, the Passepartout Lamp emits a light that’s surprisingly calm and tranquil. Add to that built-in LED technology that ensures a high quality light emission that’s also energy-efficient, custom designed so the light is uniformly dispersed throughout a space. Choose from matt white shades in different shapes that’s decorative with­out drawing too much attention to itself. Choose one style for a consistent look or group them together to create a unique design statement.

Material: Lacquered aluminium, polycarbonate

Bulb: 11,5 Watt LED – 2700 Kelvin. Included.

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