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Raft Stool Sgabello


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Raft is the stool designed by Norm Architects for &tradition.

Maritime objects fascinate because of their contrasting surfaces. The roughness of corroded wood aging with beauty, blended with the industrial efficiency of metal structures. This is the inspiration behind the Raft range created by Norm.Architects Kasper rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen. They have taken a modern scandinavian approach to create a unique piece of furniture that combines simplistic purity with a discreetly aged look. The sandblasted surface of the stool legs, accentuate the structure of the wood, while the triple legs have the playful appearance of a living creature in motion. & the position of the legs allow for two seating positions, either with a single leg forward or two. The flat seat also makes the stool equally useful as a side table.

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