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The Moor Rugs are a series of rugs designed by All The Way To Paris for &tradition.

ATWTP’s departure point came from the various shapes of gemstones. “We wanted to focus solely on the shapes, colours and textures – without any patterns,” and “For us, a rug brings all the elements of a room together in harmony, creating a feeling of closeness.” The name Moor refers to the sweeping hills of heather and grass in the countryside of ATWTP’s native Scandinavia. Reflecting the surroundings, the sun and sky of the landscape are the various colours of the Moor rugs: gold, beige, grey, dark grey, red heather and midnight blue. The rug is handloom-woven which is a production technique that produces a dense, soft and highly exclusive velvet-like expression. The exclusivity is further enhanced by the discrete sheen in the material which is achieved by spinning a small amount of viscose into the woolen fibers.

Materials 85% pure New Zealand wool, 15% viscose.

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