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Tricolore Vasi


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Tricolore are a series of vases diesigned by Sebastian Herkner for &tradition.

The Tricolore vases are a fantastic fusion of colour, ingenuity and artisanry. Each set is comprised of two cylindrical glass vases of different heights, each in a different colour. Pair them together and you have a third colour – hence the name. Herkner said: “Each vase passed through many expert artisan hands in the process of creation. Using wooden moulds is very tricky for glass blowers. It’s a challenge to get the sharpness and the precise 90-degree edge on top. Then there’s the process of cutting, sanding and polishing. We used an old fashioned technique to hand blow each vase. The hand craftsmanship makes it more beautiful and more human.”

Material: Mouth-blown colored bohemian glass.

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